I advise retailers, ecommerce companies, digital companies, platforms, fintechs and startups in how to turbocharge their payments on a global scale and grow their businesses.

Business Development & Interim Roles

Too soon or difficult to hire a CCO, COO, Head of Sales or even Sales Reps?

I can help you grow your business in an interim role, on commission basis and/or on part time retainer.

Payments & Fintech Advisory

Are you looking for industry knowledge e.g. for a specific product or market launch?

I offer advisory at fixed rates on project specification or by the hour.

Project Management & Operations

Do you need temporary extra resources in a roll out project or in your team?

I have wide experience from working with hundreds of merchants and platforms in roll out projects, technical projects and other payment related issues.

Investments & Board assignments

Are you looking for angel investments or long term advisory?

I am an experienced commercial leader who loves startups, and would be happy to help yours succeed long term as an investor or on your board.